How Quickly Things Change

November 12, 2013 | Posted in Fine Art Photography

Riding Mountain National Park Sunset Photography

Rinding Mountain National Park after sunsetBelieve it or not, these two photos were taken less than ten minutes apart. Yet they look like totally different scenes with wildly different colors. It’s incredible how quickly the sky changes at sunset and sunrise. I quite like the sunset photograph, but the other one has its merits, too. Which one do you like best? Let me know on Facebook.

Plastic Beach Art: The Inspiring Story of Richard and Judith Lang

October 30, 2013 | Posted in Inspiration

Here’s an inspirational short film featuring California artists Richard and Judith Lang. The Langs’ artwork consists of arrangements of plastic that had washed up on their local beach. The film, made by Tess Thackara and Eric Slatkin, highlights a real problem that is quite disturbing and getting worse: our increasingly plastic oceans. But I couldn’t help but be inspired by these artists who are trying to make a difference with their work. I think the world needs more people like them.

Ecola State Park, Oregon

October 14, 2013 | Posted in Fine Art Photography

Ecola State Park view of Cannon BeachThis is a view of Cannon Beach (background) and Indian Beach (foreground) taken from Ecola State Park in Oregon. Whoever called Disneyland the happiest place on earth clearly hadn’t been here. Birds were singing, families were picnicking, deer were hopping around… and upon entering the park, an ultra-steep, winding road through a lush old-growth forest felt like an amusement park ride. In the distance you can see Haystack Rock, a famous Oregon landmark. It’s the last large rock you can see. It looks somewhat like, you guessed it, a haystack. Or perhaps a large potato.

If you’re one of the millions of tourists that end up at Cannon Beach, do yourself a favour and check out Ecola State Park, too. There’s also a path down to the secluded beach. The path is pretty steep, so make sure to bring hiking shoes. I had on some athletic-looking but thoroughly useless sandals and pretty much slid down the whole way. Of course, going back up was another story.

Thetis Lake, BC

October 11, 2013 | Posted in Fine Art Photography

Thetis Lake Vancouver Island BC

Normally when I take photos, I’m up so early that I have the place to myself. On this day I was there at dawn, but I wasn’t alone. There were a couple of women impressively swimming laps around the small island and then back to the shore. But even more unusual is what was going on just out of frame to the right. There was a very large and very naked Santa-like man bathing in the water. For some reason, he saw it necessary only to go into the water up to his ankles, choosing to splash water on himself in a disturbing series of bent-over lunges. Meanwhile, I’m trying to get in that peaceful, zen-like state needed to really take the perfect picture. In the end, the framing and timing of the shot had everything to do with waiting for the swimmers on the left and watching for the ever-encroaching nudist on the right. It’s sometimes tricky with such a wide lens, but I managed to get the shot. Soon the rain came, and they all quickly left and I managed to grab a much easier second take.

Thetis Lake Vancouver Island

These photos are another example for the “How Quickly Things Change” series. Taken about twenty minutes apart, the top one was just before it began to pour. And it was raining pretty solidly when I was taking the bottom one. I definitely prefer the rainy shot. My wife thinks the top one is better by a mile.
What do you think?

Thetis Lake is near Victoria, BC, on beautiful Vancouver Island.